Blue Springs Junk Removal

Your Local Blue Springs Junk Removal Experts

Blue Springs is a dynamic and growing city, Metal Man Recycling has been the junk removal service of choice for local residents and businesses for over 15 years. We have been offering reliable junk removal since 2003.

Providing Blue Springs The Junk Removal Service It Needs

Our professionals show up to every job in clean trucks and ready to work. They have smiles on their faces, and they are happy to help. Blue Springs is a growing rapidly, and we're in your neighborhood to help you take out the junk to make way for new items. We know how to safely and legally get rid of your old appliances, including televisions, dishwashers, refrigerators, computers, and printers.

Let Our Service Speak For Itself

With Metal Man Recycling, you never have to lift a finger to get rid of your junk. We are Blue Springs's best junk removal service because we get results for our customers. You show us what we're up against, and we will take care of the junk. All you do is sit back and watch your junk disappear. We are happy to help!

Serving The Blue Springs Business Community

We have been offering trusted junk removal since 2003, and we have learned how to deliver the services Blue Springs businesses need. Metal Man Recycling can help you to clean out your storage room to make way for more office space. If you are getting ready to move into a new office that is cluttered with the previous owners junk, then just point and junk disappears! Real estate developers and agents will love our same day service that can clean out a property and get it ready for remodeling or staging. Just show us what we are up against, and we will get rid of the junk your business no longer needs.

Metal Man Recycling is Blue Springs Junk Removal Experts

We are commited to proper disposal of everything we haul. Metal Man Recycling is environmentally friendly. If you have a garage that needs to be cleared out and don't know where to start, then all you need to know is that we're in your neighborhood. Whether you are clearing out an empty lot to make way for a new building or getting rid of the junk in your attic to create more living space, we're happy to help!

No Hassle Hauling

Metal Man Recycling knows that Blue Springs residents and businesses do not have time to worry about junk removal. We have offered trusted junk removal since 2003, and our reputation grows because of our speed and efficiency. We don't waste your time by trying to figure out the best way to get rid of your junk. Our experienced professionals show up in a clean truck already knowing how they will attack your junk removal project. Show us what we're up against, and we will always get the job done quickly. Our goal is constantly exceed your expectations.

Let Metal Man Recycling Be Your Junk Removal Company

All you have to do to get the best junk removal service in Blue Springs is call Metal Man Recycling. Our professionals are waiting for your call. We offer same day service for any size junk removal project, and we're in your neighborhood whenever you need us. Whether you are a Blue Springs business or a homeowner, you just point and junk disappears! Call Metal Man Recycling today.
If you live in the Kansas City Metro area and you need junk removal, call us at Metal Man Recycling.

We are Blue Springs's junk hauling experts!

We are a full service junk removal company servicing the heart of Blue Springs. We have helped many customers remove old furniture, dispose of used appliances and electronics waste, haul away renovation remains, construction debris, yard waste and much more. using your free space to store junk, Metal Man Recycling will be your personal junk removal solution.

We can remove almost every kind of junk from old furniture to appliances, scrap metal, rubber & tires, mattresses, electronics (e-waste) to yard debris, renovation and construction materials to office fixtures and much more. You don't need to lift a finger because we'll take your junk from wherever it is sitting - the basement, attic, backyard, garage, office, warehouse, storage space, or construction site just to name a few. Simply show us where it is and we will pick it up, take it out, load it up, and get it out of your way. Watch what we do.

Why hire us for junk hauling in Blue Springs?

At Metal Man Recycling, we're committed to giving our customers their space back in better condition than when we arrived! We differ from our competition through our professionalism, and our commitment to excellent customer service from beginning to end. Our junk removal and trash pick up service includes all the sorting, loading, clean-up, recycling, salvaging and disposal of the items you don't want. Since we're a full-service junk hauling company, all you have to do is point at what you want gone, and we make it disappear - no need to gather it up in to one place. We get it from wherever it is. We even provide same day service for your immediate junk hauling needs.


Although Metal Man Recycling is the most professional provider of residential junk removal, did you know that we also offer a wide array of commercial junk removal & disposal services? Metal Man Recycling , the most trusted name in junk removal since 2003, is the solution for any business looking for a quick yet professional provider of commercial waste disposal.
As a local business, take solace in knowing that we have your business's best interest at heart. Learn more about our commercial junk removal services in Blue Springs & let us show you how we can help!

What do we do with the Junk?

We do our absolute best to divert everything we pick up from the landfill, which means we will recycle or donate as much of the junk we pick up as possible. When you hire Metal Man Recycling you can rest assured that your stuff is getting disposed of properly, or going to someone in need.